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Tree Cutting

We specialise in removing unhealthy or hazardous branches, ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your trees. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our careful approach, where we prioritise not just the health of your trees but also the safety and satisfaction of our clients, making us a trusted choice for tree cutting in Glasgow.

  • Deadwood Removal
  • Branch Cutting

Hedge Cutting

Utilising the latest techniques and equipment, we shape and maintain hedges of all sizes, ensuring they complement and enrich your landscape. Our dedication to precision and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to choice in Glasgow for maintaining lush, well-manicured hedges that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

  • Garden Clearance
  • Hedge Shaping

Stump Grinding

Our team is highly skilled in stump grinding, offering a fast and efficient solution to remove unsightly and obstructive tree stumps from your property. With our advanced equipment and techniques, we ensure a thorough removal process, turning stumps into usable mulch and leaving a clean, level area.

  • Stump Removal
  • Waste Removed

Trained team of tree surgeons for all tree solutions.

Our team is experts in tree surgery in Glasgow. Our team is not only equipped with the latest tools and techniques for efficient tree cutting, tree felling, hedge cutting, stump grinding, crown cutting, controlled dissection, and tree pruning but also brings a deep understanding of local tree species and their specific needs. This expertise ensures that every job we undertake is done with care and precision, aimed at enhancing the health and aesthetic appeal of your trees and landscape.

Our team is fully insured and trained in the latest safety protocols, ensuring every project is completed without risk to your property or our staff. We pride ourselves on punctuality, transparent pricing, and exceptional results.

Why choose our team?

Our team understands that tree surgery in Glasgow can be disruptive, and we work to minimise any inconvenience, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for our clients. We are dedicated to clear communication, timely execution of services, and leaving your property clean and tidy upon completion.

Take some time to learn more about our services and how our team can help. Get in touch for more information and a free quotation.

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Tree Surgery & Controlled Dissection

We focus on the safe removal of dead, diseased, or potentially hazardous branches. Our approach to tree surgery in Glasgow is not just about maintaining the health and safety of the trees and their surroundings; it also involves enhancing the look of your property. Our team is adept at handling trees of all sizes and types, ensuring that each job is executed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Controlled dissection, on the other hand, is a more intricate and precise aspect of our services. This technique is particularly crucial when dealing with large trees in confined spaces, where there is a need to prevent damage to surrounding property or vegetation. Our tree surgeons are highly trained in controlled dissection methods, allowing for the removal of tree sections. This process involves meticulous planning and specialised rigging techniques to ensure that each part of the tree is safely brought down.

Hedge Cutting & garden clearance

Hedge cutting is not just about improving the visual appeal of your hedges; it also promotes healthier growth and dense foliage. We take great care in executing each cut, considering factors like the hedge’s species, desired shape, and health. Our commitment to excellence in hedge cutting ensures that your hedges not only complement the overall landscaping of your property but also thrive as vital components of your garden ecosystem.

In addition to hedge cutting, we provide comprehensive garden clearance services, ensuring that your property remains neat and tidy after our work is completed. This aspect of our service is important as hedge cutting can generate a significant amount of green waste. We dispose of this green waste responsibly, adhering to environmental best practices. This approach not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of your garden but also saves you the hassle of post-service cleanup.

What can we do for you?

Our team provide a range of tree solutions throughout Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Get in touch for more information.

  • Tree cutting
  • Tree Felling
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Crown Reduction
  • Branch Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal
  • Dead Wooding
  • Topping
  • Woodland Management
  • Controlled Dissection
  • Tree Removal
  • Crown Thinning
  • Tree pruning
  • Emergency Cutting

Your go-to team for tree solutions.

Our tree surgeons bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that every service we offer, from tree surgery in Glasgow to hedge maintenance, is performed with the highest standards of quality and precision. We prioritise safety, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction in every project, ensuring our services exceed your expectations.

Super helpful. Great advice. More interested in helping us solve the problem, than making money from us. Really appreciated that and of course the advice which enabled us to remove a tree stump from a building. 3 other tree surgeons said it couldn’t be done!

Good price snd very knowledgeable. Lovely guy. And tidied away really well afterwards. Definitely recommend x

Excellent work, very professional polite and hard working. Used a few times competitive prices. Clean and tidy.

First class service from this company. Will definitely recommend! Garden was left immaculate after having 3 trees removed.

Can vouch for this company’s expertise and conscientious business practices. Highly recommend.

He Great at the job I will use again

Highly recommend attention to detail is second to none